I’ve started a blog so many times and each time I ran into the same problem: my interests are too varied.

Blogs, unless they’re by famous people, usually pick a topic and stick to it.  There’s Mommy Blogs and Photo Blogs and Geek Blogs and Science & Technology Blogs and Movie Review Blogs, and I’d be more than happy to do any one of those, but I don’t have the focus or the content to do just one of those.  Sure, I could post about the Avengers or Legend of Zelda, but then I want to go on a rant about bathrooms that have diaper changing stations in the women’s room but not the men’s.  And then I want to show you these cool photos of flowers I took.  And then I want to share this article about a recent archaeological find.

Therefore, we have D6: The Six-Sided Dad.  It’s a blog for all the different sides of me and it lets you choose!  So, if you only want to read a Parenting Blog, you can just read a Parenting Blog.  If you just want to see pretty pictures, you can check out my Photo Blog.

Or, if you’re like me, and you like a little bit of everything, then you can read them all!