I Have A New Movie Idea

It’s about a classically trained chef.  His parents are the heads of this major restaurant empire, with dozens of restaurants, cooking shows, cook books, and pre-prepared meals.  He’s expecting to take over the business when they retire, but his parents aren’t sure.  They know he’s a talented and passionate chef, but they’re not sure he can handle everything that goes into running a major corporation.  So, they propose a test.

They decide to give him one of their recently acquired restaurants.  It’s a small place, with a lot of potential, but that hadn’t been doing very well.  If he can turn that restaurant into a successful business, then they will name him as their replacement when they retire.  He’s frustrated, but he accepts.  He has no choice.

When he goes to the restaurant, he finds a place that’s been run down by a bunch of people who just don’t care.  They’re not exactly surly, just apathetic, which, as someone who cares deeply about making eating a truly wonderful experience, incenses him.  He watches them for a couple of days and realizes that they are all under the impression that, unless you’re the head chef, your job isn’t very important.  He has to make them understand that every job in the restaurant is important, whether you’re the waitstaff presenting the food or the wine steward making suggestions to customers.  The smallest thing can be extremely important, even just properly stirring the sauces.

So, he gathers them together, and gives a stirring speech.


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